TEMPIR MIG 155 150A 220V



The MIG 155 Single Phase is a compact welding machine with 2 roll wire feeder. It can be used with or without gas. Using Gas: Mild steel, Stainless and Aluminium Consumables/Wires with CO2 or Argon gas. Industrial certified gas cylinders and regulators to be used only. Not Using gas: Fluxcored wire with Special characteristics the MIG 151 summarizes all the advantages of wire welding adding them to the features of the electrode welding.

Single phase 230V 50/60HZ
Input Power 5kVA
6 Steps
Duty Cycle 120A @ 25%
Duty Cycle 95A @ 40%
Duty Cycle 60A @ 100%
Wire Size 0.6 – 1.0mm
Spool Size 200mm Width
Dimensions 539 X 300 X 575mm
Compact Euro Type

R8 998 +VAT