Terms & Conditions of Engagement

• You are required to read the ABTE Terms & Conditions of Engagement prior to any engagement with ABTE. 

• Any financial engagement with ABTE will serve as confirmation that you have accepted the ABTE Terms & Conditions of Engagement.

• All quotes/invoices are issued subject to availability of the products at the time of the purchase.

• Pricing on imported goods are subject to exchange rate fluctuations.

• All prices quoted on one document is regarded as a package price. Any change to a quote/invoice will result in a change of individually priced items.

• All products have to be fully paid before leaving our stores.

• All delivery costs must be paid prior to delivery.

• Goods are provides on an “as-is”, cash & carry basis.

• All quotes are valid for 7 calendar days.

EXCLUSIONS (Unless otherwise confirmed in writing):

• Ducting requirements have not been established and will be quoted and charged separately once requirements are confirmed.

• Labour, sealer and consumables for ducting installations.

• Exchange rate fluctuations on imported goods – variation on exchange rate from date of quote to date of payment.

• Product refurbishment requirements have not been established and will be quoted and charged separately once requirements are confirmed.

• Any civil work, like cutting roof for duct exit, sealing of roof, sealing the booth against the factory floor, or similar actions.

• Any electrical connection from main DB into equipment. Client electrician with Wireman’s license is required to execute this function. (ABTE technicians wire up the booth, under supervision of client Master electrician.)

• Certificate of Electrical Competence.

• Electrical plug tops and/or connecting points external to the unit.

• Any airline connection requirements into equipment.

• Any custom adjustments to be made to the relevant unit.

• All globe replacements, glass and rubber replacements.

• Diesel tank and diesel supply line to burner.

• Work done to compensate for an un-level floor.

• Damage repairs to any control panel or electrical/electronic component due to unstable voltage or incorrect electricity supply.

• Transport for delivery or relocation, truck loading and truck offloading.

• Offloading of heavy machinery, including rental of lifting equipment.

• Additional trips for delivery of products, due to client requirements.

• Additional fees for High-pressure delivery requirements/demands, due to deadlines or emergencies not residing with ABTE.

• Additional fees for service calls or demands not scheduled by ABTE. 

• Procurement trip requirements not done on ABTE’s own scheduled arrangements, or not quoted and paid.

• Rental or supply of scaffolding.

• Rental or supply of special tools, concrete drills, jack hammers etc.

• Standing time of R 3500 per day or part there-of, due to lack of electricity/compressed air and/or access to electricity/compressed air, floods, riots, extreme weather conditions, (outdoor work), strikes and anything not in control of ABTE, with the alternative of site evacuation & restart at later date, adding a travel cost implication. This includes a wasted day or wasted hours on client site due to these delays.

• Filter supply or replacement.

• Filter regulator for inside spray booth (i.e. connection for airline to spray gun hose).

• Additional escape doors or features required by your local Health & Safety By-Laws.

• Restricted access of Technicians to client premises. Technicians must have access to the premises after hours and over weekends. A daily rate for delay/waste of R 3 500 will apply if technicians are prevented from working.

Out-of-Town deliveries and installations – excluded items:

• Price of product delivery and off-loading.

• Technicians must have access to the client premises after hours and over weekends for out-of-town installations. A daily rate of R 4500 per day will apply if technicians are prevented from working during these times. Alternatively, the client will give ABTE an instruction to adjust the price quoted and charged, for extended technician work days.

• Step-ladders for installation on out-of-town premises.

• Food and accommodation for technicians in areas outside 40 Km radius from Midrand Grand Central. Food requirement is 3 meals a day with high 
Protein content. Accommodation requirement is a safe space, a decent 

bed with standard linen, hot water shower/bath facility, and a warm space in Winter.

• Additional technician travel outside of Joburg area.

• Payment for semi-skilled local labourers supplied by client.


The client agrees:

• All quotes/invoices are issued subject to availability of the products at the time of the purchase.

• All prices quoted on one document is regarded as a package price. Any change to a quote/invoice will result in a change of individually priced items.

• Ownership of all supplied equipment and its components are confirmed as the property of ABTE until the client’s account with ABTE has been fully settled.

• ABTE will not be expected to turn pre-owned good into new goods, unless specifically quoted in writing to do so. ABTE does however guarantee all goods supplied to be in operational condition upon commissioning.

• In case of refurbished goods, the client will inform him/her self as to the level of refurbishment quoted for, so as not to expect refurbished goods to be turned into new goods.

• To inform ABTE within 3 working days of any problem with supplied/commissioned equipment. Any request for repairs and/or service will be charged to the client after the 3rd day.

• To at all times have the purchased equipment duly serviced in accordance with the instructions issued by the manufacturer, as well as additional instructions that might come from ABTE, failing which any potential claims will become null and void and which failure will make the client liable for payment of any repairs required on the goods.

• Warranties cover factory faults or defects only. No damages caused by wear and tear, negligence, abuse, accident or causes unrelated to defective materials or manufacturer workmanship are covered.

• Any warranty will be considered a carry-in warranty. ABTE will not cover transport costs for repairs or returns.

• To engage a Voltage Balance specialist for the voltage balance of electrical supply to his premises. All repair, replacement and service costs on electronic and electrical equipment will be for the client’s account after commissioning, alternatively after 3 days of delivery. ABTE will automatically presume that the described damage has been caused by “Voltage Unbalance” unless otherwise proven by the client.

• A Snag List is not a reason to withhold payment amounts which are not relevant to the snag item or its value.

• To not give instructions, orders, or requests to ABTE technicians or staff, other than via ABTE management or the ABTE Logistics Manager.

• To not engage with ABTE sub-contractors in any way or form, but to refer any request/matter firstly to the ABTE Logistics Manager, or alternatively to ABTE Management.

• To engage in all ABTE communications in writing on WhatsApp, SMS Text Message or E-mail and to respond to communications received.

• That any information supplied regarding the accreditation of equipment,

is supplied to the best of ABTE knowledge at the time, and it is the client’s

duty to verify such information him/her self.

• If any issue needs to be raised, the following will apply:

• Client will inform ABTE of the issue in writing, being WhatsApp, Email or SMS Text Message.

• Client will confirm with ABTE that all their communications on the matter have in fact been received and/or understood.

• Client will allow ABTE to respond, propose a solution and/or correct any issues in an adult manner.

• Client agrees to resolve any disputes/disagreements with ABTE via a  MIOSA process.

• Client agrees to alternatively agree with ABTE on another mutually accepted dispute facilitator, but failing such an alternative agreement,  the dispute will be handled by MIOSA.